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Jennifer Aniston (her original last name was Anastassakis, but her family changed it when they moved to the U.S. from Greece) was born on February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, California. Aniston is no stranger to the acting world: she is the daughter of John, who starred as Victor Kiriakis on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives, and Nancy, an actress and model. Jennifer is also the goddaughter of the late Telly Savalas (of Kojak fame).

After living in Greece with her family as a young child, Jennifer's parents got divorced, forcing Jennifer to live with her mother in New York City as of age 9.

Jennifer Aniston the Artist

In high school, Aniston was a member of the drama club, which sparked her decision to pursue a career as an actress. In addition to acting, Aniston has always been passionate about painting; one of her creations was even displayed in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art when she was 11.

A graduate of New York's High School of Performing Arts (the Fame school) in 1987, Aniston worked in the off-Broadway productions For Dear Life and Dancing on Checker's Grave. But after heading for Hollywood (which dad John wasn't pleased about, as he didn't want Jennifer to pursue acting), she landed her first television role in 1989, as a regular on Molloy. It took a while for Aniston to get more roles, and apparently her agent suggested she lose some weight -- she wasn't fat, but she wasn't "L.A." thin.

Unfortunately, none of the TV roles she landed were worth watching. Does anybody remember catching the sitcom Ferris Bueller (based on the 1986 film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off) or the sketch show The Edge? But Jennifer Aniston kept busy with a recurring role on Herman's Head, as well as appearances on Burke's Law and Quantum Leap in the early '90s.

Personal life

Aniston has previously dated musician Adam Duritz and was engaged to actor Tate Donovan. Her high-profile relationship with actor Brad Pitt was frequently publicized in the press. She married Pitt on July 29, 2000, in a lavish Malibu wedding. The two separated on January 7, 2005, and Aniston officially filed for divorce on March 25, 2005. The divorce was finalized on October 2, 2005.

Media reports have speculated that the split was due to an affair on Pitt's part (with actress Angelina Jolie) or due to Aniston's refusal to have children. Aniston vehemently denied the latter in an August 2005 Vanity Fair interview, stating, "I've never in my life said I didn't want to have children... I've always wanted to have children, and I would never give up that experience for a career. I want to have it all."

She has also stated that the death of her longtime therapist, whose work helped to make the separation from Pitt easier, more than a year ago was "devastating." Summing up her relationship with Pitt, Aniston has said that their relationship, which she does not regret, was "seven very intense years together" and that "it was a beautiful, complicated relationship."

Since the couple's divorce, Aniston has been romantically linked with well-known actor Vince Vaughn.In August of 2006, Aniston denied rumors that the two were engaged or that Vaughn had proposed.In October 2006, gossip magazine US Weekly quoted sources from Vaughn that the couple had split. "Jen lives in a crazy world with all the press. It's just not his world." In December 2006, reps for both Aniston and Vaughn confirmed that they had indeed split up a few weeks before when Aniston visited Vaughn in London.

In October 2006, during a guest appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Aniston denied rumours that she and Vaughn broke up. Although in November 2006 it was officially announced that the couple had split but they remain friends. Aniston also shot down rumors of breast implants, chalking it up to having a "couple cheese plates too many" and putting on ten well-placed pounds. She supported John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election, along with then-husband Pitt.

She owns a house in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, in the same town as Brad Pitt.She is friends with Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres. She is also the godmother to Courtney Cox Arquette's and David Arquette's daughter CoCo (whom she refers to as the prettiest thing on earth). Even though she had rough years with her mother, they are now on talking terms, and there is no hostility between them.


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