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Jennifer Aniston is an American actress who became known in the hit comedy series Friends. She played the part of Rachel Green where she was recognized for her great performance, earning her awards from Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actorís Guild. Most of the audiences became captivated with Jennifer Anistonís performance in Friends as well as her hairstyle, which was usually termed as the ďRachelĒ hair do. Jenniferís acting ability also made it possible for her to give good performance to several movies such as Along Came Polly, Derailed, Bruce Almighty and Office Space.

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Emulating Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has tried a lot of hairstyles over the years. There are many hairdressers who became quite fond with the way she changes her hairstyle to match the occasion. Since Jennifer is one of the actresses that most people love to watch and emulate, her hairstyle also became scrutinized and copied as well by many.

The Rachel Look

Jennifer Aniston Rachel Look To achieve the "Rachel" look, your hair must be a bit longer and cut into waves or layers. You can dress it up by straightening it with a blow dryer, or you can add waves and curls to the ends to make it more soft looking. Adding more volume to your hair can be done by blow-drying the ends in a backward motion so it will look fuller.

Jennifer Aniston can be seen sporting a different hairstyle, and the good thing is that all of her hairstyles suit her. This is why most hairstylists love her sense of style, may it be short or long, wavy or straight. From the funky hairstyle she had on Friends to the more sophisticated looks she has sported during the red carpet, Jennifer Aniston is indeed an actress that has a great sense of style.

Jennifer Aniston was sporting yet another look during 2008 where she cut her hair mid-length which made her look more grown up. Since her hair has been wavy ever since, her hairstyle made it look better. The ends of her hair are tapered to give it more texture and body. Another hairstyle which gives Jennifer Aniston a sexy and sophisticated look is the straight hair which is called the Sedu hairstyle. Sedu is a hair straightening iron that handles even the most stubborn waves and curls. The Sedu hairstyle has been seen on Jennifer last year and has, of course, seen a lot of followers on her more avid fans.

Jennifer Aniston also opted for short hair which gave her friends quite a surprise. Though to some it may look like a bold move, to Jennifer, it is simply another style which fit perfectly her oval face. Her hair was cut in a bob with fringe bangs leaving her hair with texture and volume.

Jennifer Anistonís hairstyles have gathered quite a following over the years. Every time she is seen sporting a new do, a lot of people jump at the chance to copy her. Most of Jennifer Anistonís hairstyles have layers which is great for volume and texture. Jenniferís hair also sports different hues with light caramel color as her base making her hair look great all the time.


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