Gerard Butler rejected rumors of a connection with Aniston

Charming Scottish actor Gerard Butler, followed by the voice of womanizer and seducer, joked while visiting in the 'Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien' on the account of rumors that he is in relationship with colleague Jennifer Aniston. Gerard ironically stated that they are madly in love and that the wedding is next Thursday.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler

Gerard and Jennifer are jointly recording movie 'The Bounty Hunter', and in the media came out photos with the recording in which couple exchanges embraces. Of course, it was enough to start rumors that Jen has finally found a new boyfriend.

But visiting the 'Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien "and promoting his second film with the actress from' Introduction to Anatomy '-' The Ugly Truth ', 38-year old Gerard Butler has said:' We are in love, especially Jennifer. I think we will marry on Thursday. After a short pause, he added: 'And on Saturday I'm planning to marry Cameron Diaz. Joan Rivers comes to the schedule next weekend!

Despite jokes, Butler had only nice words about Aniston: 'Every day I worked with her and every time I was surprised with her imperturbability, simplicity and reality!


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