Jennifer Aniston increased breast

Jennifer Aniston attracts attention in the last few days thanks to her new appearence. Everybody asks if she has increased her breast!
The rustle is that the beautiful actress injected Macrolane injection in her breasts and that is the reason they have increased. First about new breast of Jennifer Anistons published magazine Grazia. Refering to Jennifer's close friend, magazine printed that the actress is now feeling great and full of confidence.

Jennifer Aniston Breasts

'Jen probably reached for Marcolane injections and her breasts are more visible. She is very satisfied,' said unnamed source of Grazia magazine.
That kind of operation takes only half an hour. Usually used for less breast augmentation. However, the method is quite risky because the body can recognize the filer as a foreign body and react defensive. This can cause many health problems, and create a breast lumps.

Jen apparently decided to accept the risk and she improved her appearance, that is very important to her. The prove of that is recent discovered information that the beautiful actress work's out even in the middle of the night.


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