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Jennifer Aniston is a well known name in the halls of Hollywood. This is due to her first hit TV series, Friends, which also gave her numerous awards from different prestigious bodies. Jennifer Aniston became one of the most sought after actresses due to her hairstyle, sense of fashion and, of course, her great performance. Even before her stint in Friends, Jennifer Aniston has starred in some TV series such as Camp Cucamonga and Ferris Bueller. Among her other appearances in TV shows include her stint in Muddling Through and The Edge. She also became a guest on TV series Hermanís Head, Quantum Leap and Burkeís Law, which, in turn, didnít do well on the ratings. This negativity almost led Jennifer to give up her acting career before she finally stumbled on the series Friends, which became an instant hit with the viewers.

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Jennifer Anistonís Films

Jennifer Aniston starred in many films. Her first ever feature film was Leprechaun, which was released in 1993. It didnít do well with the critics but still has a certain following among those who prefer slasher films. Among her movies were Sheís The One where she portrayed the wife of a Wall Street stock investor, Picture Perfect where she played the role of Kate who is in the advertising business, and The Object of My Affection where she fell in love with a gay. Though these movies didnít earn her any awards, they still showed a different kind of Jennifer Aniston.

Becoming Big

Rock Star is a 2001 film that shows the life of a heavy metal band in the 80s. Jennifer Aniston co-starred in this film with Mark Wahlberg, where she played the role as Mark Wahlbergís girlfriend. This movie has won her an award in the Teenís Choice Award and a nomination in the Independent Spirit Award. In 2003, Jennifer Aniston starred in the movie The Good Girl where she played the role Justine Last who, due to her mundane way of life, started an affair with Holden, which was played by Jake Gylenhaal. The movie earned nominations as well.

Bruce Almighty is Jennifer Anistonís first comedy movie alongside funny man himself Jim Carrey. The movie became a hit with most of its audience and critics and has also garnered nominations in different film bodies. Along Came Polly features Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller in a romantic comedy in 2004. Even though the critics didnít like the movie, Along Came Polly still garnered $87 million overall. Jennifer Aniston also starred in a crime thriller movie titled Derailed with Clive Owen.

The Break Up - The Break Up, which was released in 2006, features Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. The plot of the story is that Jennifer and Vince have trouble with their relationship, which eventually led them to a break up. Off screen, this movie became the starting point of their relationship which, although did not become successful in the end, still gave them a friendly relationship with one another. The movie also earned various nominations and became one of Jennifer Anistonís best movies to date.


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