Jennifer Aniston Nose Job - Under the Knife Twice

Females can be such finicky creatures that they find fault in almost anything, especially their facial features. For this reason, many women have opted to go under the knife to have whatever part of their face surgically corrected or enhanced. Although most Hollywood celebrities already look too gorgeous for their own sake, many still find some fault with what they have and elect to have plastic surgery.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Now, Jennifer Aniston has joined the bandwagon as she had her second rhinoplasty.

The First Nose Job

Anistonís first nose job was done twelve years ago when she had her deviated septum corrected surgically. But apparently, Aniston did not like the result of the first operation and has been contemplating to have another nose job ever since the first procedure. It was even written in one tabloid that Aniston was heard to say that her first nose job was lousy and that the plastic surgeon left her with a still too-wide nose.

The Second Nose Job

On the 20th of January 2007, Aniston was reportedly seen going out of the clinic of Dr. Raj Kanodia sporting fresh bruises down the length of her right eyebrow towards the tip of her nose as well as her upper lip. Apparently, she had made an appointment with one of Beverly Hillsí famous plastic surgeons to finally repair the ďlousyĒ first nose job done twelve years ago.

When asked if the rumor was true, both Aniston and her rep confirmed that the actress, indeed, had a second procedure done to her nose to correct the incorrectly repaired deviated septum. But however much they both say that Aniston only had the second procedure done to correct the blotched first nose job and to finally straighten the deviated septum, a nose job is still a nose job. And when one looks closely at her new nose, it is easy to detect that her nose does seem to be straighter and thinner than the way it used to be.

Turning Into a Plastic Surgery Clone

With the most recent change in Anistonís facial features, rumors again flew that the actress only had decided on pursuing another nose job when her marriage to Brad Pitt failed and when Pitt and Angelina Jolie hooked up, lived together, and had children.

Questions and rumors are also circulating that Aniston recently had a breast augmentation surgery, and this only added fuel to the fire that maybe Anistonís insecurity over the Pitt-Jolie relationship is going to turn her into a plastic surgery clone.

So, what "something new" shall we see in Aniston next? A collagen-pumped lip to look like Jolieís?


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