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Once again, Jennifer Aniston, star of Friends and ex-wife of Brad Pitt, is in the spotlights once more as rumors about her being pregnant are flying left and right. But is there any truth to this issue, or is it just another one of those “look at me, too” news that pops up whenever Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in the limelight?

Jennifer Aniston pregnant

Attention Catcher

It cannot be denied that whenever Pitt and Jolie are thrown into the spotlight, one is sure to expect ‘something” from Aniston, too. Here is a classic example.. When Pitt and Jolie announced the nearing birth of their twins, rumors flew that there was going to be an Aniston-Mayer wedding. John Mayer, a singer, is Aniston’s on-again and off-again boyfriend.

When Pitt was interviewed by Oprah last November and he gave them an exclusive interview about his life with Jolie and their kids, Aniston shared the spotlight once more when pregnancy rumors came out soon after the Oprah interview.

Rumors or not, but Aniston is definitely in the hot seat once again with this pregnancy buzz.

Fact or Fiction - Take Your Pick

So, how did this pregnancy news came about?

One, it started when Aniston had a change with her clothing preferences, especially since she started wearing frumpy dresses. Add to her new wardrobe choice her baggy jeans and loose dresses and rumors are sure to spark that she is hiding a baby bump.

Two, it has been reported that Aniston is going through fertility treatments right now and that she wanted to have a child before she turns 40. Of course, this will surely start tongues wagging, especially since it has been quoted from a certain source that Aniston knows that her clock is ticking and that she has babies on her mind.

Three, quotes and more quotes about Mayer getting excited about becoming a dad is all over the Hollywood news, adding fuel to the fire.

But this gets more interesting as it has been even stated that the "excited dad-to-be" is now even stocking up on pregnancy and parenting literature. Plus, a "somebody" added a buzz to the already hot rumor by saying that he or she is shopping on behalf of Mayer and is purchasing baby clothes and having the word "Rocker" emblazoned across the cloth.

With all these flying about, we just have to wait and see for the Aniston baby bump, won’t we?


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