Jennifer Aniston is in a relationship with a really sexy guy Bradley Cooper

After Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston has a new guy - the new sex symbol in Hollywood Bradley Cooper. Actor who is known to us from a movie Hangover and "friend" Jennifer Aniston has finally and officially admitted that they have something more than friendship. Although they know each other for several years, the chemistry between the actors lasts only for a few weeks.

Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper

"Jennifer can't be happier and she is delighted by her new boyfriend. She thinks he could be the one," said closed friend of 40-year actress.

The story that there is really something between them appeared last week in U.S. media after they were seen dinner together. Drinking wine with the romantic atmosphere, Jennifer and Bradley were gently touched one another, talking on the ear, and laughed like teenagers falling in love.

On the other hand 34-year actor is by the words of his friends aware of what he is getting into and just as Jen he has already started to cultivate feelings towards her.


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