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Jennifer Aniston came to the publicís eyes with her great performance as Rachel Green in the hit TV series Friends. Not only did her performance become noticeable but her hairstyle as well. She has been in the business for a long time now and has also been involved in a lot of gossip and sad stories. She is constantly in the limelight, so she is closely watched out for anything new. A lot of people clearly like her sense of style, which is always simple and elegant, making her one of the most favorite actresses in the United States. Jennifer Aniston has been seen on comedy movies such as Bruce Almighty, Rumor has It and Office Space. The Break Up and Along Came Polly, both romantic comedies, are also part of Jennifer Anistonís repertoire. She has also tried her hand in directing a short film.

Jennifer Aniston Legs

Awards Won

Due to her impressive performance in Friends, Jennifer has been a recipient of numerous awards. She has won awards from Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actorís Guild. International bodies also gave recognition to Jenniferís abilities along with teenagerís choice awards, who voted for Jennifer as Best Comedy Actress for her stint in Friends.

The Public and Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has been through a lot of publicity, gossips and breakups that it is hard for her adoring fans not to stop worrying about her. Through her divorce with Brad Pitt to her relationship with other personalities, itís a wonder why she doesnít look bad on any time of the day.

Jennifer Aniston was seen in the cover of several magazines which shows her well-toned figure. This is quite a step for her since she her decision of keeping a low profile for some months. A lot of her fans were pleased with this change in Jenniferís figure which only made her more beautiful and gave her a new sense of herself. According to one of her interviews with a well known magazine, she feels far better today than when she was in her twenties.

Apart from these, Jennifer Aniston is also recognized as the actress who has the best pair of legs in Hollywood. This is according to a scientific study done by a computer company. Using certain mathematical equations, which included the size or proportion of both the thigh and leg along with the texture of the skin, Jennifer got the highest result among other women. A lot of people have already noticed this beautyís legs ever since, but it is only this time that a scientific analysis was done. Jennifer Aniston has bested Christina Aguillera and Jessica Simpson in this category.

Jennifer has indeed come a long way since she started in the world of entertainment. From her performance, hairstyle, wardrobe, and even her physique, all these came to everyoneís attention, and Jennifer handled it all like a pro. Whatever style she is sporting at the moment, you can be assured that it suits her, and sooner or later, you can see people copying her. This is the reason why she is one of the actresses in Hollywood that is most sought after by avid fans.

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