The Break Up Movie with Jennifer Aniston

If you want romance and comedy, you won’t get it from The Break Up. Why then is this movie called a romantic comedy?

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The Story Unfolds

The story is about a couple – Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) and Gary (Vince Vaughn) – who has been together for two years. Gary, a comedian whose job it is to entertain tourists, is lazy and self-centered; when he comes home from his job, he glues his rear on the couch to watch TV or play some video game.

In this kind of setup, it is left to Brooke – who has her own career to think of – to clean, cook and do the other household chores. Apparently, Brooke wants things to be different. She wishes that Gary would help around the house, do stuff for her, and give her more attention than the TV or the video game console is getting so she nags Gary. Gary, on the other hand, lacks initiative. He does not see the point of doing all the things that Brooke asks him to do and he balks at Brooke’s nagging.

It all comes to a head when Brooke was preparing for a dinner party. She needs a dozen lemons for her lemon centerpiece but Gary brings her only 3 (although the actual bag in the movie does seem to have 4 lemons inside). She complains about it, naturally, and Gary – oblivious – tries to convince her to change her dinner plans to exclude a lemon centerpiece. Brooke then declares their break up, and thus begins the war between Brooke and Gary who are both determined to kick the other out and keep the condo.

Keeping It Real

The plot itself has potential. However, this movie is still a big disappointment.

First of all, the fact that the break up came about because of lemons is not at all funny; it was simply senseless. Gary had much graver offenses than merely bringing home the incorrect number of lemons and any one of them could have caused the flare-up. Why the lemons?

Then, there is the fact that you won’t be able to relate to the characters. The arguments during the process of breaking up are real enough. However, since there are no scenes that show how good being together can be for Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, you won’t realize how bad breaking up would be for them. You won’t take sides; you’ll simply wish the movie over.

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